Discounted Tickets for Sigurtà Garden

The Sigurtà Garden Park, an enchanting green oasis spread over more than 60 hectares of land, stands as a precious natural gem in the picturesque town of Valeggio sul Mincio, near Lake Garda. This botanical paradise is a beloved tourist destination thanks to its extraordinary beauty and serenity, offering a perfect refuge for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the tranquility and wonder of nature. Follow me, and I’ll explain what to do and see here, and of course, where to purchase discounted tickets for the Sigurtà Garden Park.

Things to Do and See at Sigurtà Garden Park

The park is renowned for its varied and lush flora, which includes a wide range of plants, centuries-old trees, and spectacular blooms. Visitors can stroll along enchanted paths and admire a great variety of flowers, including tulips, roses, water lilies, irises, and asters, which color the landscape in every season. The best time to visit Sigurtà Garden Park is between March and April when the tulip bloom is in full swing. It takes about half a day to visit Sigurtà Park.

One of the most fascinating places is the Maze, full of intricate pathways flanked by tall yew hedges, offering an adventurous experience for the younger ones and a fun opportunity for the whole family. The Rose Avenue is another must-see attraction, stretching for a kilometer with over 30,000 roses adorning the path. Nature lovers can relax on the Great Grass Carpet, a vast expanse of green offering a breathtaking view, or explore the Flowering Lakes, populated by water lilies and koi carps.

Discounted Tickets for Sigurtà Garden

Where Is Sigurtà Park, and How to Get There?

There are several options available to reach the park.

  • For those traveling by car, you can reach the park by driving to the town of Valeggio sul Mincio, where you will find signs for the Sigurtà Garden Park and four free parking lots nearby;
  • Another option is to follow the cycle and pedestrian path along the Mincio River and reach Valeggio by bike or on foot;
  • Alternatively, visitors can take the APAM bus line 46 from Peschiera or Mantova, with direct stops at the park.

Purchase our discounted tickets and decide when to visit Sigurtà Garden Park.

For those wishing to purchase discounted tickets for Sigurtà Garden Park, there are two options available. Visitors can buy tickets online through our website or at one of our offices: the Tourism Peschiera Infopoint or the IAT Tourism Lazise. Our tickets are open-dated and can be used any day, giving you plenty of freedom in planning your trip. Please note that pets are not allowed.

In summary, Sigurtà Garden Park is much more than just a botanical garden: it is a place of wonder, adventure, and discovery, where nature and history blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience for all who have the privilege of visiting it: don’t miss this opportunity and buy your discounted ticket now!

To learn more, I recommend checking the park’s website. Curious to discover other parks on Lake Garda? Visit the dedicated section.

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