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Al Sea Life Aquarium di Gardaland potrete vivere una giornata unica immergendovi in un affascinante mondo di biodiversità marina. Oltre a godere di tariffe vantaggiose grazie ai biglietti scontati a 9 €, potrete scoprire la bellezza degli abitanti marini e comprendere l'impegno di SeaLife Aquarium nella preservazione e conservazione degli oceani e della loro biodiversità.

Are you ready for an unforgettable underwater adventure?

At the Sea Life Aquarium in Gardaland, you can experience a unique day immersing yourself in a fascinating world of marine biodiversity. In addition to enjoying advantageous rates thanks to discounted tickets at €9, you can discover the beauty of marine inhabitants and understand Sea Life Aquarium’s commitment to the preservation and conservation of oceans and their biodiversity.


Let’s discover together what awaits you at the Sea Life Aquarium in Gardaland!

With over 5,000 marine creatures from around the world, the Sea Life Aquarium is not just a tourist attraction but an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world and gain awareness of the importance of ocean conservation. The facility is part of the charitable organization Sea Life Trust, actively engaged in ocean conservation efforts and also organizes beach cleaning events on the shores of Lake Garda.

The itinerary through the 40 tanks and numerous themed environments of the Sea Life Aquarium offers an experience of about an hour and a half. From Piranhas to mountain waters and Lake Garda, from the Po Delta to Alien Species, each step will guide you through a fascinating journey into the underwater world. The highlight is the Ocean Tunnel, a transparent corridor that offers breathtaking views of marine creatures swimming above and around you.

Sea Life Aquarium also offers activities and interactive shows for children, allowing them to express their creativity and imagination.


Thanks to our open-dated discounted tickets, you can access this unique experience at the convenient price of €9; children under one meter in height enter for free. The Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is located a short walk from Gardaland on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. Please note that parking is not included in the ticket but can be purchased on-site (€7.00) or on the Gardaland website (€6.00).

Check the aquarium’s opening hours on their website in the “Useful Information” – “Opening Calendar” section before purchasing, as they vary depending on the period

The SeaLife Aquarium at Gardaland is the ideal place to visit in case of rain on Lake Garda! Come to our office for more information!

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