From Lake Garda: 1-Day Verona Tour (bus+guided visit)

Dal Lago di Garda: Tour di 1 giorno a Verona (bus+visita guidata), un'opportunità unica per esplorare questa affascinante città ricca di storia e cultura, arricchita da una guida locale esperta che ti condurrà alla scoperta dei suoi tesori nascosti.

From Lake Garda: 1-Day Verona Tour (bus+guided visit), a unique opportunity to explore this fascinating city rich in history and culture, enriched by an expert local guide who will lead you to discover its hidden treasures.

Indulge in this 1-day tour from Lake Garda and experience a unique opportunity to explore the history and main attractions of Verona. Already during the journey, you will receive many useful information and tips from the tour escort, and once in the city, a local guide will lead you to discover Verona’s hidden treasures for about an hour and a half. In the afternoon, there will be free time to explore independently.

What is Verona famous for and some basic information

Verona, founded by the Romans in the 1st century B.C., was immediately an important base of the empire in northern Italy. Verona reached the peak of its importance under the rule of the Scaligeri, becoming one of the most powerful cities in northern Italy. The city was autonomous from the Middle Ages until its conquest by the Republic of Venice. The name “Verona” has ancient roots, deriving from the Etruscan and Greek words “Ve-Ro-Na,” meaning “The Venetian city on the river.”

The city of Verona became famous worldwide thanks to William Shakespeare and his work “Romeo and Juliet.” In 2000, Verona was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

From Lake Garda: 1-Day Verona Tour (bus+guided visit)


The tour offers visits to all the main attractions of Verona, including the Arena, Piazza Erbe, the Scaliger Arches, and Juliet’s house. It is advisable to book the tour at least 48 hours in advance, especially during the high season, and it should be noted that pets are not allowed, while wheelchairs for disabled and children’s pram are allowed only if foldable.

Included in the tour:

  • Round-trip bus travel
  • Escort on the bus
  • Guided visit with the local guide (+ Headphones)

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